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Meet Dr. G

Meet the Leading Expert in Regenerative Medicine (Autologous Adult Stem Cell Treatments) For Non-Surgical ALTERNATIVES to Your Orthopedic Conditions, Such as Problems of the Spine, Hip, Knee, Shoulder, & Other Joints from Arthritis, Sports Injuries and other common medical conditions.

Hardesh Garg

Hardesh Kumar Garg, M.D., is pioneering effective and safe, non-surgical alternatives to orthopedic and sports surgery.

He is a leading physician in the United States specializing in emerging and exciting field of Adult Stem Cell and PRP treatments, Anti-Aging Medicine and Sports Medicine.

Dr. Garg is one of the few physicians in the United States who are trained in this specialized field of Regenerative Medicine. He uses your own (Autologous) stem cells from Bone Marrow, and Fat; along with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and anti-aging hormone replacement protocols. He has also designed specialized supplements to boost immune system and decrease chronic “bad” inflammation in your body, thus increasing the success of his stem cell/regenerative medicine procedures for his patients.

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He has helped many patients from around the country by treating their pain and injuries with his unique clinical protocols combining Bone Marrow Stem Cells, Adipose (Fat) Derived Stem Cells and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), while boosting their immune and hormone systems with hormone balancing protocols and nutritional/herbal supplementations.

People suffering from back and neck pain, sports and auto injuries, arthritis or other serious pain often fear visiting doctors because they don’t want to hear the word “surgery.” The fear is even greater among senior citizens as the healing process may take longer, complications can be more dramatic and results more difficult to perceive.

Dr. Garg provides high quality, cutting-edge, proven, safe and cost-effective alternatives to dangerous and costly orthopedic joint, tendon and spine surgeries.

He has served as clinical assistant professor at the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Florida School of Medicine and has also worked as a courtesy clinical assistant professor at the University of South Florida School of Medicine.

Dr. Garg has experience working with professional and amateur athletes from different sports to increase their performance with this unique and individualized health and wellness program. He has worked with professional athelets like former number one PGA Tour Golfer, several NFL players, many Tennis athletes and athletes from various other sports.

Affectionately known as “Dr. G” to his patients, an internal medicine specialist, received his medical degree from the University of Delhi, India and completed post-graduate training in internal medicine from West Virginia University Health Sciences Center (Morgantown, WV) in 1993.

As a clinician, researcher, teacher, scientist and writer, Dr. G has been practicing medicine for more than 20 years.

He worked as sub-investigator in a National Institute of Health-funded research study seeking genetic information on obesity.

He has served as a member of the Medical Advisory Board of H Magazine, a publication of The Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville's daily newspaper.

He also served as the national medical advisor for a national chain of weight loss centers.

He was a speaker for major International Pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Bristol- Myers-Squibb.

Dr. G is a member of Duval County Medical Society, American Academy of Pain Medicine, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery.


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