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Stem Cell Treatment: What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

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When it comes to healing damage and alleviating pain, surgery is no longer the only option. SmartChoice® Stem Cell Institute has embraced and is playing a key role in the field of regenerative medicine with our safe and effective stem cell treatments. Dr. Garg M.D. is one of the select physicians in the nation helping patients use their own stem cells and PRP to successfully treat medical problems of the spine, shoulders, knees, hips and other joints using non-surgical, advanced procedures.

Wide Range of Conditions

Stem cell therapy has a number of benefits when compared to traditional surgery. One of the most notable is the wide range of conditions and injuries it can help. It can be effective for the healing, repair and regeneration of various types of tissue that have been injured or damaged.

A Stem Cell Close UpTreatments have helped spinal injuries in the neck and back, tears in the rotator cuff of the shoulder, the meniscus of the knee and ligaments throughout the entire body. Conditions such as tennis elbow have responded well to stem cell treatments, as have arthritis, osteoarthritis and other degenerative diseases.

Surgery can be effective for some of the same injuries, although many degenerative diseases and certain types of ligament damage may not have a surgical option. Even when surgery is an option, in some cases the risks and complications involved with the surgery outweigh its potential benefits.

Expected Results

As an in-office procedure that only requires local anesthesia, stem cell treatments are safe treatments that carry less overall risk than invasive surgical procedures. Stem cell therapy is non-invasive, consisting of an injection of stem cells in the targeted location.

You may experience soreness for a few days following a stem cell injection, but in many cases you can return to work the following day. There are limitations based on the site of injection and the type of work you do, as you’ll want to avoid excessive physical activity.

Over-the-counter pain medications, ice packs and rest are typically sufficient to alleviate any pain or soreness following a stem cell procedure. Infections are technically a possibility, but they are extremely rare. Because your body’s own bone marrow, fat and blood are used during stem cell treatment, there are no chances of your body’s “rejection” of the materials. To date, SmartChoice® patients have had no complications due to treatment.

Depending on the type of surgery, surgical procedures may come with the risk of rejection as well as the lineup of risks associated with general anesthesia. Surgical procedures are much more complex, invasive and have a longer recovery period. Infection is another risk of surgery, both at the incision site as well as in general.

Patients are often at risk for pneumonia and other breathing difficulties following surgery. They may also suffer from constipation or difficulty urinating due to the pain medication and general anesthesia. All risks which can be avoided by stem cell therapy.


More and more studies and literature are being amassed about the effectiveness of stem cell treatments. They are considered conservative approaches to treating pain and carry very few risks.

Surgical approaches are often seen as a last resort in certain situations, and there is no guarantee that any given procedure will be effective. In some instances, surgery has even been known to increase pain or make the situation worse.

Attempting to alleviate and correct issues with stem cell treatments in lieu of surgery can be a beneficial route to take. Surgery can always remain an option, although it’s important to keep in mind that once a surgical procedure is completed, it can’t simply be reversed. Stem cell therapy gives you a safe and non-invasive alternative treatment option that could remove the need for surgery altogether.

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