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Knee Surgery Might Not Be the Best Option – Research Proves Once Again!

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Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Stem Cell Therapy

Knee Surgery Might Not Be the Best Option – Research Proves Once Again!

Over the past 15 years more and more innovative knee surgery alternatives have evolved. In the past more and more people with knee injuries had to reserve to orthopedic surgery including arthroscopic surgery because that was the only option. However, as medical procedures and research studies have evolved over the years it has become more apparent that knee surgery can mean more problems in the future.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal outlined a long term study that has followed 1,270 patients over the period of 24-36 months. Half of these patients underwent “Partial Menisectomy” an arthroscopic knee surgery procedure that involves removal part of torn meniscus. The other half of the group received non-surgical treatments such as physical therapy in order to “wash out” knee joint. There results were simply astonishing. The study found that not only that there were No significant difference in surgical vs non-surgical treatments but more importantly that surgery actually had a rare and potentially serious long term complications. One of those complications was deep-vein thrombosis which is a development of a blood clot called embolus. If a blood clot detaches and travels through the vain, this can result in heart attack and even death.  

Welcome to 21st century. As we become more knowledgeable about surgery risks, you may have noticed many studies outlining benefits of using alternatives. It’s quite normal for people with knee problems to reserve to surgery because we have been conditioned to think that this is the only option. However, with new research and medical studies such as outlined above we have become more aware of different options. Breakthroughs in medical diagnostic techniques have given doctors more tools and understanding on risks and long term complications after knee surgery. More and more studies shed light on natural non-invasive ways to accomplish better outcomes.

Regenerative cell therapy has become a very effective alternative to Knee surgery. This cutting edge office-based procedure uses your own adult stem cells to regenerate tissue. Since there is no surgical intrusion of foreign bodies or removal of existing tissue, these types of procedures have proven to be extremely effective. The procedure itself involves collecting fat and bone marrow stem cells from the patient and inserting their own adult stem cells, along with PRP, into injured areas to stimulate healing and regeneration. This revolutionary procedures has already been proven and used by such high performance athletes as Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods. 

Hardesh Garg        Dr. Garg is an expert in these procedures and is one of the few physicians in this country helping patients with this exciting Regenerative medicine using your own stem cells and PRP; and providing safe and effective alternatives to (many times dangerous and harmful) orthopedic and Plastic surgeries. Non-surgical, office-based SmartChoice® Joint Procedures provide ALTERNATIVES to invasive and costly joint replacements and other orthopedic surgeries.

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