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How to Heal Your Golf Injury Without Surgery

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Golf Injury? Which One Would You Rather Have - Regenerate Your Joint and Ligaments OR Have Surgery To Cut and Remove?

It’s a great feeling to be out on the golf course. The fresh air, the camaraderie and the challenge of getting a tiny ball in a hole you can barely see is addictive. It would be fun to play more often—if only you didn’t have shooting pain with every swing!

It’s frustrating and it’s not sustainable.

Golfers repeat the same motions over and over as they move from hole to hole. If you have even a slight deviation from proper form, you can put too much stress on your joints, causing injury over time.  A mild injury can make you miss out on the course, but a severe injury can cause chronic pain that affects your daily life.

There are many reasons for the golf related injuries. Explosive nature of the swing, poor swing technique, incorrect grip and the setup, poor physical and mental conditioning, overuse of joints and muscles, not following a warm-up routine and not taking sufficient nutrients, fluids and electrolytes can all lead to increase incidence of golf related injuries.

Over 80 percent of these golf injuries are related to overuse.

Golf injuries increase with the level of play, poor conditioning, weight gain and age. Low back pain appears to be a very common injury or complaint among golfers, followed by injuries to the elbow and shoulder.

The Old Standard

It used to be that the only options for pain relief open to you were medication, joint surgery or joint replacement. Unfortunately, each has its own risks.

Pain medication can have dangerous side effects, especially when you need to take it for more than few weeks, which is the case if you have chronic pain. Besides addiction, these medicine can cause bleeding, liver and kidney damage, and can increase your risk of heart attack.

And no one chooses surgery as anything but a last resort for a reason—it may have unanticipated results, recovery is painful, and there’s always a risk of complications that may result in death.

Fortunately, times are changing.

The Advances of Modern Science

The new trend in orthopedic treatment is to repair your injured tissue, rather than cutting and removing it. Following this concept, doctors and researchers have discovered that Adult Stem Cells have the ability to heal joints, saving you from the risks of surgery or side effects of pain medication.

As patients begin to outlast their prosthetic joints and secondary “salvage” jobs are becoming more common, this idea using your own stem cells to regenerate and heal your joint tissue is gaining traction.

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How It Works

Your fat and bone marrow contain special cells called Mesenchymal Stromal Cells (MSCs or stem cells) that can help you if you’re in need of bone, cartilage, ligament and tendon repair. These special cells can change into other types of cells, such as cartilage, and release bioactive healing molecules when they sense the right signals in their environment.

SmartChoice®: The New “Gold Standard”

As more people and their doctors learn about the benefits of using stem cells over surgery, these procedures will eclipse surgery as the standard of care.

People coping with such ailments as sports injuries, tendon strains, sprained ligaments, muscle injuries, and arthritis will know that surgery is not the only option of treatment available to them. Faster healing and improved functionality are both possible with innovative, cutting- edge ADULT stem cell and PRP procedures.

What You Can Expect

SmartChoice® Procedures may help alleviate your joint pain, arthritis or sports injuries with a simple in-office injection procedure. We’ll encourage you to walk the same day and you should experience almost no downtime after your procedures.

Dr. Garg works with professional and amateur athletes from different sports to increase their performance with his unique, individualized health and wellness program. His clients include a former number-one PGA-Tour golfer, several NFL players, many tennis and baseball athletes and athletes from other various sports.

And if you are considering a knee, hip or other joint surgery for your sports injury, arthritis or pain - then you might want to learn about how the adult stem cells and PRP procedures stack up against these risky Orthopedic surgeries.

Call us today at 1-888-434-6841 and find out if these procedures are an option for you.

Hardesh Garg        Dr. Garg is an expert in these procedures and is one of the few physicians in this country helping patients with this exciting Regenerative medicine using your own stem cells and PRP. Non-surgical, office-based SmartChoice® Joint Procedures provide ALTERNATIVES to invasive and costly joint replacements and other orthopedic surgeries.

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