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Stem Cells To Treat Your ACL Knee Injuries Without Surgery

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Now you may be able to avoid dangerous surgeries.

One of the most common knee injuries, especially in sports, is an anterior cruciate ligament sprain or tear.

Athletes who participate in high demanding sports like soccer, football, and basketball are most likely to injure the anterior cruciate ligaments. Knee ACL tear is also common in Golfers.

Recent studies have shown that young female athletes sustain more ACL injuries than young males. In fact, young women are two to eight times more likely than their male counterparts to injure that ligament.

About half of all injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament occur along with damage to other structures in the knee, such as articular cartilage, meniscus, or other ligaments.

Partial tears of the anterior cruciate ligament are rare; most ACL injuries are complete or near complete tears.

Ligament tears in the knee are common. The knee has four major ligaments: the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), the medial collateral ligament (MCL), the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) and the lateral collateral ligament (LCL). Each ligament restricts certain abnormal movement of the knee, and motion beyond these limits may produce damage in the form of a partial or complete tear.

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Symptoms Include:

When you injure your anterior cruciate ligament, you might hear a "popping" noise and you may feel your knee give out from under you. Other typical symptoms include:

  • Pain with swelling. Within 24 hours, your knee will swell. If ignored, the swelling and pain may resolve on its own. However, if you attempt to return to sports, your knee will probably be unstable and you risk causing further damage to the cushioning cartilage (meniscus) of your knee.
  • Loss of full range of motion
  • Tenderness along the joint line
  • Discomfort while walking

PRP and Stem Cell Treatments can help:

Most times athletes are told that they need orthopedic surgery to fix their ACL injuries. But surgery is not the answer for most of the sports injuries, and may actually never help you regain your performance to the level you were prior to the injury.

With its poor healing capacity, surgical reconstruction of ACL may be required to restore function. However, serious complications are associated with reconstructions and the number of such reconstructions has steadily risen over the years, necessitating the search for an alternative approach to ACL repair. More promising results are being achieved using bone marrow stem cells. The adipose-derived (Fat) stem cell is often proposed as an alternative choice to the MSC and, as such, may be a suitable stem cell for ligament engineering. Ref: 2

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Patients coping with sports injuries, tendon strains, sprained ligaments, muscle injuries, arthritis and more, will be comforted to know that surgery is not the only option of treatment available to them. Faster healing as well as improved functionality both are possible with innovative, cutting- edge ADULT stem cell and PRP procedures.

As alternatives to the joint surgery, SmartChoice® Procedures may help alleviate joint pain, arthritis and other sports injuries that caused it with a simple office injection procedure. We encourage the patients to walk the same day and most experience almost no downtime after our procedures whatsoever.

Dr. Garg has experience working with professional and amateur athletes from different sports to increase their performance with this unique and individualized health and wellness program. He has worked with professional athletes like former number one PGA Tour Golfer, several NFL players, many Tennis and baseball athletes and athletes from various other sports.

And if you are considering a knee, hip or other joint surgery for your sports injury, you might want to learn about how the adult stem cells and PRP procedures stack up against these risky Orthopedic surgeries.

Call us today at 1-888-434-6841and find out if these procedures are an option for you. 

Hardesh Garg        Dr. Garg is an expert in these procedures and is one of the few physicians in this country helping patients with this exciting Regenerative medicine using your own stem cells and PRP. Non-surgical, office-based SmartChoice® Joint Procedures provide ALTERNATIVES to invasive and costly joint replacements and other orthopedic surgeries.


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