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SmartLift® Facelift-In-A-Day

SmartLift® -- Facelift-in-a-Day

SmartLift® - Facelift-in-a-day is:


Experience Counts - Located in Jacksonville, Florida, we are the leader in Adult Stem Cell and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Procedures. We have performed these procedures for more than ten years with over 90 % results and ZERO side effects.

Top Stem Cell Center in the World: Unique Proven Clinical Protocols, over ten years of experience and hundreds of satisfied patients is why people from around the world come to us for their adult stem cell and Platelet-Rich Plasma Procedures. 

FIVE reasons you need to know before you decide. You will see why people around the world choose us over other Clinics.

Glaring Differences




Other Leading Stem Cell Clinics

1. Gene and Cellular tests to evaluate your stem cell functions.



2. Use BOTH Bone Marrow and Fat Stem Cells, along with PRP.



3. Process Your Stem Cells with safety and use no dangerous chemicals like collagenase.



4. Use Dynamic Ultrasound Guided Injections for Precision and safety (and NOT use X-Rays that can damage your cells).



5. Improve body functions with proprietary Hormones and Supplements, so you get the best possible clinical outcome.




AND, Without any significant downtime.

Aging and sun damage leaves marks on your face. Fine lines, wrinkles, loss of volume especially over cheeks, deep furrows along the nose, sagging skin etc. – all results of aging but don’t really define how young you really feel.

Stem cell treatments are revolutionizing medicine to improve our health, such as our looks with the stem cell face lift procedure. Just imagine a procedure using your own cells to rejuvenate your aging looks.

Stem cells, often thought of as futuristic and at times controversial, can now be used to heal your body and revitalize your face. Autologous fat transfer has been used in cosmetic medicine for over ten years. But in SmartLift® - Facelift-in-a-day, we use your own stem cells along with growth factors and cytokines found in PRP.

With aging, face loses volume and vitality while wrinkles appear due to loss of underlying collagen. SmartLift® - Facelift-in-a-day helps restore the youthful look, corrects the wrinkles and adds volume to your face.

What is the SmartLift® -- Facelift-in-a-Day

Stem cells are cells found in every part of the body. These cells function as regenerative and repair cells in our bodies, replacing damaged cells and repairing injured tissues.

In the SmartLift® - Facelift-in-a-day procedure, YOUR OWN ADULT  stem cells found in high concentrations in the fat and bone marrow are used to rejuvenate, to repair and to regenerate facial tissues.

We only use your own (Autologous) Adult stem cells. It is important to follow safe and FDA allowed guidelines when performing these procedures.

Because YOUR OWN cells are being used during these procedures at our clinic, there is no risk of any transmissible infection or tissue rejection by your body.

What are Adult (Autologous) Stem cells – Your Own Cells?

Stem cells are naturally occurring cells in the body that help to create new cells in existing healthy tissues. They also help repair tissues that are injured or damaged. They are the basis for the specific cell types that make up each organ in the body. Stem cells are distinguished from other cells by a few important characteristics:


The “SmartLift® - Facelift-in-a-day” Procedure

The Procedure: During SmartLift® - Facelift-in-a-day, we combine your own adult stem cells with PRP from your blood. Stem Cells use your body’s own natural reparative factors to harness the healing resources of the body to repair injured tissues. PRP secrete growth factors and send signals which boost the natural healing process in the body. Stem cells not only secrete growth factors and other intercellular signals to command and coordinate the repair process, they can also replace and regenerate tissues by themselves directly.

After we obtain your own tissue stem cells and blood, these are then spun in special centrifuge at specific G-force. The stem cells and PRP are then separated respectively. Stem cells are then taken out and mixed with PRP. All this is done in strict sterile environment.

We also use hormone supplementation (only if medically indicated) and Dr. Garg’s specially formulated immune boosting complements before and after this procedure.

Hormone supplementation

Hormone therapy replenishes the hormones our body needs to function properly using various hormones like bioidentical hormonesestrogenprogesteronetestosteroneDHEAmelatoninpregnenolonehcghuman growth hormones etc. Through state-of-the-art diagnostic hormone testing, using blood, urine and/or saliva analysis, we can determine your hormone levels and your unique bioidentical hormone needs. Hormones are prescribed ONLY if tests clearly reveal that your body is deficient in hormones.


Results are visible at 4 to 6 weeks and improve gradually over ensuing months with improvement in texture and tone, creating a natural result. Cosmetic and light therapies can enhance the results. Advanced wrinkling cannot be reversed easily and results may not be very effective for patients who smoke or consume excessive alcohol or drugs.

Expect minimal swelling, bruising and redness for 12-24 hours after the procedure. There can also be some pinkness or redness of the skin following the therapy.

Improvement in wrinkles as well as the tone and texture of the skin can be achieved with just one treatment, however, for advance wrinkling and scarring additional treatment may be required at 6 to 8 week interval. Treatment result varies however in most patients the results for several years.


Does it leave scars?
No. There are no scalpel knives used in the procedure. Specially designed blunt instruments are used to inject the fat and stem cells to sculpt the body areas as desired.

Does it make my face look fat?
No. The procedure restores the youthful look by restoring the 3-dimensional balance to the face.

Do I need to be put to asleep?
No. The procedure is minimally invasive and does not require general anesthesia. We use local anesthetic cream (lidocaine) to numb your skin. For very anxious patients, an oral sedative may be given.

Is it safe?
Yes. Since it is your own body’s tissues that we use, there is no allergic or adverse reaction or rejection that can happen from the stem cells.

Also, since there is no need for general anesthesia, serious risks associated with general anesthesia and being put to sleep are eliminated.

Is it painful?
Most of my patients report feeling mild pressure during the injection that is controlled with local anesthesia cream and some soreness in the areas treated for up to 5 to 7 days after the procedure that does not require pain medication.

How long is the recovery?
You will be able to resume your normal daily life immediately, limited by the degree of swelling that you experience after the procedure. Most patients have noticeable swelling in the areas treated from 5 to 7days depending on the extent of the procedure and individual healing response.

How long will the result last?
The results should last for several years. The results are affected by your lifestyle, habits and genetics. Smoking and weight fluctuations diminish the results.

How will it look over time?
SmartLift® - Facelift-in-a-day restores the 3-dimentional proportions of your face and help rejuvenate the look and texture of the overlying skin, restoring your youthful appearance.

Is Stem Cell Therapy Approved by FDA?
FDA does not regulate medical procedures performed by qualified and licensed doctors. Currently, there are no clear protocols to treat any disease with adult stem cells in the U.S. We ONLY use your own adult stem cells (not Embryonic stem cells) and we don’t alter, manipulate or store your stem cells and we use your cells during the same procedure - therefore FDA does not object to these procedures.

Does insurance cover these procedures? What is the cost?
These procedures are not covered by health insurance plans. With financing, many patients can get SmartLift® - Facelift-in-a-day for a minimum investment. There are a variety of different financing options available, and we can help you find the best one for you.

One of the first questions that many people have is “how much do SmartLift® - Facelift-in-a-day procedures cost?” Our SmartLift® - Facelift-in-a-day procedure starts at a very affordable price of $1,895 for PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) treatment. The cost of SmartLift® - Facelift-in-a-day using your own adult stem cells vary depending on the areas to be treated (forehead, under eyes, cheeks, jawls, neck etc.), the extent of the aging process on your face and neck, and whether you would need one or more types of stem cells to achieve the best possible results.

A consultation with Dr. Garg, M.D. is needed to decide the best treatment option and the exact costs for you.

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