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Is it safe

"Last year, I successfully performed SmartChoice® Procedure on my son, Neil, for a ligament injury near his left shoulder. He had full recovery and has no more pain. Yes these procedures are safe." – Dr. Garg, M.D.

These are very safe procedures. After a complete medical evaluation, Dr. Garg, M.D. will determine if you are a candidate for this treatment. Because autologous (your own) blood, bone marrow and fat are used, there are no chances of ‘rejection” by your own body.

There are very few risks involved. You may be sore for a few days after the procedure. Infection is a possibility but is almost unheard of after these procedures. PRP and Stem Cell treatments are considered conservative approaches to treating pain and injuries unlike surgery that might help, but it might also make it worse. You can always have surgery, but you can’t “un-have” it.

At SmartChoice® we believe that cost should not be an obstacle to getting your quality of life back. We put these procedures within reach of most budgets.

Treatment costs less
than you might think.
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These treatments are already extensively used by people with sports injuries and orthopedic conditions, for faster recovery times and better results.

Over 95% success rate
for joint restoration.
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Last year, I successfully performed SmartChoice® Procedure on my son, Neil for a ligament injury near his shoulder. Yes, these procedures are safe.

Patient safety is our
number one priority
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These procedures will not make your condition worse unless the practitioner is not properly trained. Dr Garg, M.D. is properly trained and has been doing these procedures for over five years.

Patients can return to work next day, depending on the site of the treatment and the load of physical activity that is required from the patient at their jobs.

These SmartChoice® Joint Procedures can provide a simple, out-patient, natural alternatives to many patients so they can avoid the costly and risky orthopedic surgeries that also require long recovery periods.

Patients coping with arthritis, joints pain, sports injuries, tendon strains, sprained ligaments, muscle injuries and more, will be comforted to know that surgery is not the only option of treatment available to them. Faster healing as well as improved functionality both are possible with innovative, cutting- edge adult stem cell and PRP procedures.

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